Lisa Thorpe

Speaker Bio Lisa Thorpe

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Thorpe is a Gunditjmara/ Gunnai woman from Victoria. She has lived in Thomastown for 30 years and has 4 children and 4 Grand Children. Lisa is currently the CEO of Bubup Wilam for Early Learning Aboriginal Child and Family Centre. She has been integral to the inception and development of Bubup Wilam and about ensuring the right to self-determination for Aboriginal children and their families. For most of her working life Lisa has been employed in Aboriginal community based and community controlled organisations. She has managed and worked on many programs which have directly contributed to the provision of services for Aboriginal people. Lisa has a Master’s in Public Health from Deakin where she worked as an Associate Professor with the Institute Koorie Education for 7 years. Lisa is a strong advocate for her people and works tirelessly to ensure Bubup Wilam’s rights to self-determination are met.