Colleen Gwynne

Speaker Bio Colleen Gwynne

Colleen Gwynne is the Children’s Commissioner for the Northern Territory. Her background includes 25 years with the Northern Territory Police where she lead a number of operational and specialist portfolios across the Territory before leaving at the rank of Commander. Colleen moved to a senior position in the Department of Housing where she developed the Public Housing Safety Strategy designed to respond to the high needs of many people living in public housing and deal with the increasing rates of homelessness.

Colleen worked in Papua New Guinea as an advisor to the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary. She developed a community policing model based on engagement and problem solving and developed a leadership Program for women in the Constabulary.

Colleen has undertaken a number of major criminal investigations, her passion and focus has always remained with the protection and welfare of children and young people and subsequently established the Child Abuse Taskforce made up of multi-agencies to deal with complex cases of child abuse. Colleen has formal qualifications in leadership, criminal justice, investigations and a graduate of the FBI National Academy and the Management of Serious Crime Course where she specialised in crimes against children.

She is a firm advocate for collaborative working models and better cooperation across government and the non-government sector. Colleen conducted the self-initiated investigation into the events that occurred at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in August 2014 which resulted in a Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory.